Stein Hauge

Role at the IO-Centre: 
Responsible for WP1 in IO3

Started my professional career in 1990 as a safety and reliability engineer in Aker Engineering and joined SINTEF in 1997. My main areas of competence and interests are Barriere management; Reliability analysis with special emphasis on control and safety systems; Risk and safety analysis; Operational safety and Safety Instrumented Systems. Since 2005 I have been SINTEFs project manager for the multi-­cl­ient research project "Reliability and Availa­bility of Instrumented Safety Systems” (PDS).
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Involved in:
Content type: Presentation page for handbook
Content type: Publication

Monitoring the risk picture by using QRA and barrier based indicators

Improving recognition, assessment and visualization of operational risk factors

Content type: Presentation

Online monitoring of major accident risk in the petroleum industry

Presentation at the 23rd SRA-E Conference, Istanbul, June 16-18, 2014

Content type: Report

Proactive indicators for managing major accident risk in integrated operations

The report presents a method for developing risk-based indicators as an aid for monitoring the status of important safety barriers. (2013)

Content type: Video

Risk Barometer demonstrator

Video showing use of the Risk Barometer for a process leak case

Content type: Ongoing activity

Safety performance overview for daily decision support

Risk barometer for daily HSE management decision support

Content type: Publication

Towards a dynamic risk and barrier assessment in an IO context

Preliminary results from case-studies

Content type: Presentation

Workshop on Online Barrier and Risk Monitoring, Stavanger 2014-11-25

Presentation of industry status and the IO Center Risk barometer for risk assessment in the operational phase

Center for research-based innovation, NTNU, Sintef, IFE