Knut Steinar Bjørkevoll

Role at the IO-Centre: 
Responsible for work package 5 under IO3

Holds a PhD in theoretical physics from 1992. Worked on development and use of advanced mathematical models in drilling operations. The models are now used both offline and online with link to data from drilling systems in real time. Experience includes development and use of models for automatic managed pressure drilling, training simulator for drilling, and decision support systems. Also offshore experience gained when giving support during drilling of nine managed pressure drilling sections.
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Content type: Tools and methods

Early detection of bad hole cleaning and stuck pipe

An improved algorithm for detecting bad hole cleaning and stuck pipe, suitable for any support centre with access to real-time drilling data.

Content type: Report

Ensemble Kalman Filter Used During Drilling

A documentation of ensemble methods in drilling

Content type: Ongoing activity

IO Aspects for Safe and Efficient Drilling

New methods and work processes for anomaly detection

Content type: Tools and methods

The onshore operating room and computers that learn

This presentation is geared towards those seeking to implement new data analysis methods in an onshore operating room.

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