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Final report available

After 8 years as a Center for research-based innovation (CRI/SFI) the IO Center has made a final report of the period.

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Integrated Planning and Logistics

This topic is about Integrated Planning and Logistics (IPL) where transferring of the IO principles to the planning domain has led to the IPL

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Integrated Planning and Logistics (IPL) – the Statoil case

The IPL has covered fields within Operational planning, Work surfaces, Logistical planning and resource optimization

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Integrated Planning in Oil & Gas Industry

Designing and Cultivating IPL Practices

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Interactional dynamics of team decision making.

A discourse analytic study of operational planning meetings in the petroleum industry. PhD Kristin Halvorsen, NTNU, Trondheim, November 2014



Center for research-based innovation, NTNU, Sintef, IFE