IO 2014 Presentation and video



Get-together party



- AstroRock! by Pål Brekke, Norwegian Space Center


- Welcome and safety brief, Conference chair Arild N. Nystad



- Opening address, Unni Steinsmo, President - CEO, SINTEF


Plenary 1: Intelligent Petroleum Fields and future technology challenges in O&G

Session chairs: Frans van den Berg, Shell and Arild N. Nystad (PhD), IO Center/NTNU



Government policies for  R&D in the petroleum sector; Tord Lien, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy

Technology enablers for increased efficiency; Helge Lund, CEO, Statoil

Integrated Operation: application on upstream Petrobras services; Cristina Pinho, E&P Executive Manager, PETROBRAS

A journey to Smart FieldsChon Fui Chai, General Manager Smart Fields, Shell

- Panel debate


Plenary 2: Proactive Operations in O&G 

Session chairs: Jon Stærkebye, Kongsberg OGT and Professor Bjarne Foss, IO Center/NTNU

Creating safer and more cost effective wells through the application of real-time information; Colin Mason, Drilling Optimization Advisor, BP

Optimizing production from mature fields; Ruud van der Linden, TNO

A review of IO Center results within production and reservoir optimization; Bjarne Foss, Professor in Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU

- Panel debate


Plenary 3: R&D and Innovation – Business & Academy 

Session chair: Morten Dalsmo, IBM and Jon Lippe, IO Center/NTNU

- Petrobras' Integrated Operations Management Accomplishments; Paulo Viana, IO Coordinator, PETROBRAS

Innovation for better Collaborative Environments in the Oil and Gas industryJon Kvalem, Director, IO Center/Institute for Energy Technology

Telemedicine in ConocoPhillips, Innovation project in collaboration with St. Olavs Hospital, IBM and the IO Center; Tatjana B. Bergsland, Regional Medical Director Europe, ConocoPhillips


- Standardization is the new innovation; Lars Høier, Director of Research, Development and Innovation, Statoil

Conference dinner



- Dinner talks; Kjetil Solbrække, SINTEF do Brazil; Egil Tjåland, NTNU Petroleum; and Torstein Sanness, Lundin Norge



- Cultural entertainment, Gjermund and Einar Olav Larsen with the Trondheim Soloists



Plenary 4: The value and challenges of implementing Integrated Operations 

Session chairs: Nora Hveding Bergseth, Eni and Lars Bodsberg (PhD), IO Center/SINTEF


The Challenger; Torstein Sanness, Managing Director, Lundin Norway

- Integrated operations - leadership lessons learned; Pieter Kapteijn, CTO, Sierra Oil & Gas

Integrative Risk Governance: New Possibilities and Pitfalls of Coping with Complex Risk and Safety Challenges; Professor Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart

- Panel debate


Plenary 5: Autonomous systems and remote operations 

Session chairs: Paul Hocking, BP and Anders Valland, IO Center/MARINTEK


- Use of autonomous systems for SAR operations

  • Vegard Evjen Hovstein, CEO of Maritime Robotics AS

  • Bent-Ove Jamtli, ‎Director at Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) North Norway

- Remote Operations in the context of IO: is onshore control room the ultimate IO scenario? Ove Heitmann Hansen, Managing Director, Eldor AS

Plenary 6: Integrated Operations in the future 

Session chairs: Marta Vabø, Statoil and Jon Kvalem, IO Center/IFE


Panel Discussion

“The session will challenge leading actors within IO on their perspective of the future. Is IO now the “normal” way of working? How do we sustain IO over time? Where do they see future research challenges in IO? Can IO thinking be transferred to other areas, and if so, which areas? How do IO play a role when we move into remote areas/harsh environments?” 


  • Tony Edwards, CEO, StepChange Global

  • Trond Lilleng, Statoil

  • Kaare Finbak, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

  • Frans van den Berg, Shell

  • Pieter Kapteijn, CTO, Sierra Oil & Gas

  • Arne Holhjem, Director for Technology and Environment, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate


- Panel debate



Pictures from IO 2014 are available here.


  • VISAVI Technology
  • Amitec
  • Presight
  • Epsis
  • IO Center

Programme committee

  • Arild N. Nystad, PhD, IO Center/NTNU, Conference Chair
  • Jon Kvalem, IO Center/IFE
  • Anders Valland, IO Center/MARINTEK
  • Lars Bodsberg, PhD, IO Center/SINTEF
  • Bjarne Foss, Professor, IO Center/NTNU
  • Jon Lippe, IO Center/NTNU
  • Jon Kleppe, Professor, IO Center/NTNU

Advisory board

  • Maria Lúcia de Fátima e Silva, Petrobras, Brazil
  • Janin Girie, Petronas, Malaysia
  • Somchai Manopinives, Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations Division, PTTEP, Thailand
  • Mohamed Al-Qahtani, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
  • Marta Dueñas Díez, Repsol, Spain
  • Tofig A. Al-Dhubaib, International Consultant (previous SaudiAramco), Saudi Arabia
  • Pierre Offant, CEO, North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC), Kazakhstan
  • Brage Sandstad, ConocoPhillips, UK
  • Frans van den Berg, Technology and Smart Fields Deployment, Shell Projects & Technology, the Netherlands
  • Paul Hocking, BP, Norway
  • Khalid Aziz, Stanford University, USA
  • Jon Kleppe, NTNU and Chairman of the IO Center, Norway

List of attendants

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