Kay Endre Fjørtoft

Role at the IO-Centre: 
IO2 and Integrated Planning and Logistics researcher

Mr. Kay Fjørtoft has been a Senior Research Scientist at MARINTEK since 1995, and is currently Research Manager at the department of Maritime Transport Systems, where he is part of a RTD team of about 15 researchers specialized in logistics, maritime communications and integrated operations. He has been leading and participating in numerous RTD projects, mainly covering software architecture and developments, freight transport, safety management, port community systems, and communications within shipping and the oil & gas business sectors. Previously he has a.o. been working as a sailor within the fishery and the transport freight sector, where he also was co-owner of a deep sea trawler. Kay has published several papers and articles mainly focusing maritime communications, software architecture and logistics challenges, and he is currently also heading the recently established Maritime Communication Center, a program established by the SINTEF Group, NTNU and the University of Oslo (UiO).
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Involved in:
Content type: Business case

Integrated Planning and Logistics (IPL) - the Petrobras Business Case

The Integrated Planning and Logistics case in Petrobras covers operational planning, analyses of the planning processes and IPL -practices

Content type: Business case

Integrated Planning and Logistics (IPL) – the Statoil case

The IPL has covered fields within Operational planning, Work surfaces, Logistical planning and resource optimization

Center for research-based innovation, NTNU, Sintef, IFE